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Washington. - In a simple ceremony, laconic, austere, Barack Obama today vowed his second term as president of the United States. Tomorrow is the public celebration, standing in front of the Capitol. Today was privately in the White House. "May God help me," Obama said, to swear on the Bible that belongs to his wife, Michelle. She held the holy book for her husband, while the Supreme Court Justice John Roberts administered the oath of practice. OBAMA CASA BLANCA

The two daughters of the president, Maliah and Sash, accompanied his father on the brief ceremony. All lasted less than two minutes, tomorrow will be in front of the Capitol audience expected half a million people.


Nicolas Maduro showed optimism for a return of Chavez. nicolás maduro vicepresidente de venezuela The vice president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said today that Hugo Chavez will soon begin a "new phase" of treatment in Cuba and expressed optimism saying that "sooner or later" the president will return to the country.


The national deputy Francisco De Narváez said today that push a constitutional amendment to enable a possible re-election of Cristina Kirchner in the elections of 2015. De_Narvaez  In that sense, the legislature considered that the constitutional reform debate "divided the waters" in the political leadership in an election year. It would be the biggest mistake we could make said, but the opposition, seems not to have taken note of all who come. The insecurity and inflation increases and Argentina is a country and unlivable.


Spanish police are looking for other money transfer giant black towards Argentina as part of clandestine operations of an organization run by the People's Party, Luis Barcenas and now Angel Sanchis wealthy Spanish businessman who has his headquarters in a great farm Salta, La Moraleja. The Governor of the province knows. Both with the complicity of La Campora and groups close to the government of Cristina Kirchner.

barcenas Everyone knows that money is laundered in Argentina like crazy if you're with Moreno and his mob. Rajoy said and report it to the President of corruption and complicity. Rajoy and the party began to be corrupted, but Argentina mafia has penetrated our borders, yesterday told Jordiweb.

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